Wild Beasts - We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues

Hi everyone,
Long time, no see huh?
I wonder if you remember me?
I am the one contributing this blog from Netherlands as a result of special request from Biskuwi. Let's remember:
Biskuwi called me one morning and talked about his project about a blog full of music. Of course i beckoned him. Then he asked my help, my endless knowledge about music groups and my beyond-belief ability to find best music in world. I accepted his request, politely.
Saying goodbye to my beloved country, i fell on a road to Turkey, because i think it would be the better to take an action in real place. After a short stay; in addition to other things, i saw Bahceli on tv while making brutal vocal. In that very moment, i realized that "real place" idea is not necessary nor logical. So i returned my country. Since then, due to the great amount of leisure time i owned, i have been drinking, using pot, making love, listening music, making music, traveling around Europe, reading, writing, joining demonstrations in C(H)openhagen, not joining army
and the other kind of things, which you generally couldn't be doing or expected/forced not to be doing by some kind of government, military and even your own consciousness..

Anyway, now here i am again i will be around some time with my unbelievable songs cause deafs to be able to hear.

Wild Beasts are an English indie band, consisting of very young 4 boys. But these boys should be revered because of not only their incredible music but also their touching vocal. It reminds me Antony Hegarty the most touching voice in earth.

For another live performance:
Wild Beasts - Hooting & Howling (Youtube)

If you like this, obtain their album ("Two Dancers").
And pay attention to lyrics, it is very startling to encounter that kind of deep lyrics in the songs of "boys" group.
These boys really deserve a huge bravo.

Wild Beasts - MySpace


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