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As Cuckoo Cocooon (CC) mentioned in previous entry, two new writers have joined up this blog. One of them, as you predict, CC who is a fucking jerk. The other one is me who is just superb! Before passing into subject the reason why i am here, there is one more writer who should be mentioned, the creator of this blog, biskuwi.
I suppose that you surprised because of the language i use. This is because i am from nederlands. How we end up like this is a great story which is not worth to tell. But i want to tell and i want you to listen, a listening process to practice before crazy songs i will post.
Someday when i was walking in Amsterdan with my head a million, of course, a telephone rang. I said Jesus Christ and went my home, simply it was not my phone. As long as i arrive my home, a telephone rang, yeah it was mine, simply, i opened it. The one who was calling was Biskuwi, he talked to me in a way i couldn't understand because of his terrible English. So i found useless to try to understand him. Then i slept. Next day, biskuwi wrote an e-mail to me, that was obvious his English is better in writing. He wrote in his e-mail that he needs me, me and my extremely great, huge, gigantic, enormous, vast, tremendous musical taste to make this blog number one. I said i would accept his offer. But there was a problem i should solve: the language.
I haven't spoken Turkish in my entire life, indeed i didn't know much about Turkey. So i said to Biskuwi, you and your camel should wait until i learn Turkish.
I think the language problem will be done in one -you couldn't know- two days,
until then,
just wait,
with this beautiful band from my country.

Writer: MM

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