Clann Zu - One Bedroom Aparment

Hello there,
I beg your pardon for the fact that i am writing in English again. But believe me i tried to learn your language. I supposed that if i spend some time on Turkish websites i will learn quickly your language because of my blessed quick-learning talent. So, I watched Turkish videos on youtube and read comments below. I surfed through news web-sites and finally i downloaded a turkish tv-series called "cennet mahallesi". at the end of the day all i learned was swearing, the fact that for Turks beautiful women are really important and romans are strange.

so i understood like this way i couldn't do it and finally decided to move Turkey, i bought ticket yesterday and to inform biskuwi i called him. he tried to speak english but it was an useless attempt, as always. i slowly said to him that go home and write me. he did exaclty as said and we agreed for me to stay at his house. he said that he has a housemate who hates noise. as long as i don't make noise i can stay at him. and while i am in turkey, CC will take care of me. i wanted a photo of CC from biskuwi and Holy Jesus Christ. i don't know what will i do when i get there.
Wednesday morning i leave my country. the only good thing about it is the terminals. i love terminals. when i learn your language i will mention about it.

the song i want to represent with this enrty is "one bedroom apartment" by clann zu.

Clann Zu is a post-rock band pionered by the Declan DeBarra who is an Irish artist. I love Irish men. They are the ones who said that "In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here". Anyway, one bedroom aparment is one of the most powerful and beautiful songs composed after a break-up. And listening to it from Declan's gorgeous voice is an other experience to enjoy.

I strongly suggest that while listening to it, read lyrics too.

Clann Zú - One Bedroom Apartment Lyrics @ LyricsTime.com

I think you should look at Clann Zu's Myspace page.



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